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4 things to know before selling COLOR MELT
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Seamless color melt is a huge trend of 2019. It’s loved by creating a soft and fluid blend of colors without harsh line. While this is not a new color idea in hair industry. It begins in salons first, then expands to hair extensions, just like balayage. Before you include this color effect into your line and sell, here’re 4 things you should know.
1. The selling point of Color Melt
It is easily to get confused by ombre, balayage and color melt. After all, they do look similar at the first glance, even professional hair-dyeing technicians need to spend time studying the difference of how to produce them at the very beginning.
Ombre color: you could clearly point out where the root color begins to change into the tip color.
Balayage color: Usually marketed as sun kissed. It comes from ombre color and highlight color.
Color melt: The main feature is you could not tell when one hair color ends and another begins, like below picture shows. Ombre could gradually change hair color from dark to light but not so seamlessly, color melt is here to erase this. So, being most natural and giving surprise is its unique selling point.   

2. How to select colors for the root and tip of color melt
If your brand already sell ombre, it’s suggested to select from popular ombre colors; the next step is to NOT select root color is quite far from the tip color, like #1B/Burge, because two colors being too far has already decide root color could not changed into the tip color in a very natural way. If you’re not sure which colors to start, these safe colors, #2/4, #2/6, #4/27 and #18/613, could creates very amazing color melting effect.
Especially for root color close to tip color, like #2/4, you may think it’s a solid color at first sight, while when putting the tip hair close to the root, you will be surprised, “WOW, they are actually two colors!” Maybe, you could market these kind of color as “WOW colors”.

3. How to control the cost by communicating with processing factory
From the view point of production, color melt is to marry ombre color process and blend color process.
It could be made in a very simple process for a rough melt effect for middle-low end market; meanwhile, could be made in a complex process for a quite natural melt effect for high end market, like three or more colors along each strand of hair, which labor cost is higher and hair loss is considerable for the final cost.
So, it would help to save you some money by communicating your requirement with your supplier in detail. Professional suppliers will give you worthy cost suggestions for your business.
If you have your own color designer, it’s ideal to let your designer communicate with the factory technicians directly, because they may and will focus on each hair strand, the length ratio and weight ratio, etc, and adjust the color melt into the most natural and amazing effect.
Or, simply tell your supplier your rough idea, they could give you suggestions to match your present hair line.

4. How to select hair length for Color Melt Swatch
It’s a must to add color melt into your current standard color ring when things gets mature. One thing you need to pay attention is the swatch hair length, because too short hair length could not show color melt effect perfectly. It’s better to make into 8”~12”.
New hair color trends are constantly popping onto our radar. keep an eye on our “NEW CREATION”.