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3 Unique Points Of Flat Silk Weft
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For the 10 years’ establishment of Kingshow in the hair industry, almost every new launch is an adventure and an attempt. Today, we would like to share a revolutionary new product--flat silk weft.
As we all know, there are generally 2 kinds of wefts we are familiar with, which are machine weft and hand-tied weft. Taking the advantages and the disadvantages of both into consideration, we’ve developed the new flat silk weft. It is neither as bulky as the machine weft, nor as easily shedding as the hand tied weft.                                         

1) How Is The Flat Silk Weft Produced?
To better open up the market, and recommend this new creation to your clients, you might be curious about how to make it in the hair factory. So before introducing the advantages of this kind of new hair extension, let’s get a brief feel about the production process of it. In a word, it is about a weft sealed by a piece of silk, without return short hair at the top of the weft. Single layer and double layers are both available and useful, which is up to how much hair your client need.
2) How To Distinguish It From The Common Wefts?

- Return short hair
There is around 0.8”-1” return short hair for machine weft.
The return hair of the hand tied weft is a little bit longer than the machine weft, around 1.5”-2” .
Flat silk weft is the innovation on the basis of these two common weft, which has no return short hair.

- Thickness of the weft edge
Machine weft is the most original hair extension in the market, which is thick.
The hand tied weft is relatively thinner than the machine weft, which is the innovation on the basis of machine weft.
Flat silk weft is a new innovation weft to achieve ultra thin, which is 30% thinner than the common machine weft.

- Other obvious features
For machine weft, it looks a little bit bulky.
For hand tied weft, each small lock of hair is linked by an obvious cotton thread, you could see it easily on both sides of the weft.
For flat silk weft, there’s a silk attached on the top of the weft.
3) Why Choose Flat Silk Weft Comparing With The Common Weft?
- No Return Short Hair At The Top Of The Weft
There is around 0.8”-1” return short hair for machine weft, 1.5”-2” return hair for hand tied weft, unlike both of these 2 kinds of wefts, flat silk weft has no return short hair at the top of the weft, which will be more comfortable for your clients’ own scalp.
- Stronger After Attaching A Piece Of Silk
We can not ignore the fact that there’s a risk of hair shedding, if the return hair of the machine weft is not handled well, or when you cut the hand tied weft, as they shed easily. However, flat silk weft perfectly avoids this issue, it will not shed any hair or weaken the strength after attaching a piece of silk, because the silk solidified the weft firmly.
- Ultra Thin Weft
Comparing with the machine weft and the hand tied weft, flat silk weft is quite thinner. As there’s no return short hair, the weft is only sealed by extremely thin silk, which makes very comfortable to wear and has no bulky feeling.
- Cut Freely According To Your ClientsHead Circumference Without Shedding
Though it will be long weft when you received, your clients’ could cut it in any width to match with their head circumference. Don’t worry about the shedding, it will not have this issue. It has been specially treated by our factory technicians.