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All you need to know about hair color inspection
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Each hair extension brand has her own color swatch. Bulk hair extension orders needs to match the color swatch. Things are not always going as you like, there's always color difference among different batches. You may be quite angry why the factory could not keep the color consistency. You may be curious about how the color is made. It’s always good to know more, then share or educate your stylist/salon customers about how to deal with color difference is necessary. Here's all you need to know.

1. How the hair color is made
In China or neighboring market, raw hair material is black. It needs to remove the melanin to reach a base color by the bleaching process first, then coat and fix with dyestuff by the coloring process into required color according to each customer's color swatch.

The lighter the colour is, the more melanin should be removed, the greater raw hair material quality is required.

For some high-end customized business, clients only ask for the human hair extensions to be bleached to base colors, namely raw hair only needs to go through the bleaching process. This way, stylists could color the hair extensions directly as their customers like. Another considerable advantage is that, base color, especially the lightest base color for #60 or #613, is not easy to get contaminated by regular skin-care products.​

2. Two factors of color
One is it's darker or lighter than color swatch. The other is if the color tone is same as color swatch or not, for example, ash tone, red tone, or others.

And, it's a must to inspect color under the natural light.

When communicating with your suppliers by emails or chat tools, different screens may show the same color differently, so it’s suggested to use real color samples to keep both sides on the same page. Similarly, remind your customers the screen issue and try to use real color samples between each other.

3. Reasonable color difference
Bleaching process and coloring process are all handled by hand, including adjusting dyestuff formula. Other production factors, like different seasons and different water temperatures etc, also affect the final color. So, it is normal to have reasonable color difference between different batches, no matter for making bulk hair extension orders (like hair weft, clip in hair, tape hair, tipped hair, etc.), or for color swatch orders.

Besides, almost all processes of human hair extension industry are operated by human hands. There's no professional equipment to measure the color difference, and show the result digitally in the way like 30% darker or 50% lighter. In actual practice, it's visually inspected by technicians according to their experience. That's to say, it's a work about responsibility and trust. What they can do is to try their best to qualify the finished colors which are within reasonable tolerance according to the color swatch, like a little bit darker or lighter with the right color tone.

4. Standard color swatch
Color swatch is always the only standard between you and your suppliers for color inspection. Let’s call it standard color swatch. So, it’s very important to make sure your and your suppliers have the standard color swatch from the exact same batch.

No matter for hair extensions orders, or for color swatch bulk orders, remember
1) always inspect colors according to the standard color swatch;
2) If you find the colorS from one batch are better than the standard color swatch, you can discuss with your supplier and replace them with the agreed satisfying ones. 

5. Other color hair strands
Other color hair strands are the ones that is quite different from the main color, and blended inside the main color. Let's take #613 hair weft as an instance, there are dark color hair strands mixed, the dark color strands are called as other hair strands for #613. ​​​

You may be curious about why there are other color hair strands mixed? The story starts from the raw hair material. Raw hair is mainly collected in rural area. With the improvement of living standards, ladies begin to color their hair in salons for being more confident. So, colored hair would be mixed when collected, and is difficult to get bleached to lighter color base again in factory. You may say, "Pick them out". Yes, it's a solution. While it's a great challenge for people's eyes to pick each strand of these other color hair out, some of them will remain for sure, and the labor cost is incredibly expensive.

Sometimes, these remaining other color hair strands may contribute some color tone to the main color, while, this tone is totally random in different batches, so, it's not suggest to use this kind of color as your color swatch.

If you really mind the other color hair strands, top quality braid virgin hair could solve this, which is much more purer, because they are collected on braid bundle basis, those colored hair bundles could be picked out easily. 

Last but not least, it is not wise to inspect color difference extremely strictly to pursue quite small color difference tolerance. Why? On one hand, hair extensions will mix with end user’s own hair after application, also, each end user’s hair is different, a slightly color difference of hair extension will not impact the final look. On the other hand, over correcting hair color will unavoidably damage the general hair quality more or less, it’s not worthy to comprise general hair quality to pursue strictly color matching. General hair quality is always the first important thing when comparing with color difference.