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What Should You Know Before Selling Hand Tied Weft?
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According to the latest data on Google trends, the market demand for hand tied weft is gradually growing steadily over the past year. Considering that it has become a great craze in the extension market, we are thinking that mastering the following 4 things may make your sales even better.

1) What Is Hand Tied Weft?
In a nutshell, hand tied weft is a kind of weft that manually weaves hair together using three continuous cotton threads. It is different from other hair extensions, without using the tape, glue or PU, the hand tied weft is the best choice for installing naturally.

2) How Did Hand Tied Weft Come?
In addition to traditional hair products, Kingshow International is always in the forefront of art and fashion to create new design and technique so as to keep our product lines being up-graded with non-stop. Just like weft extension, although machine weft hair extension is the most conventional and popular extension in the market, when it comes to user’s experience, it is not the most comfortable. Some of our customers reflect that, according to feedback of their end users, machine weft is a little thick which makes it look a little bit bulky. This brings us the inspiration to create hand tied weft. After improvement and innovation, the hand tied weft is thinner and more flexible to take.
3) Comparing With The Regular Machine Weft, What Is The Advantage Of Hand Tied Weft?
- Thinner
Firstly, it refers to the thickness of the weft. Hand tied weft is much thinner than standard machine weft, which makes it more flexible when applied to the head. The thinner the weft is, the closer it could lay to your scalp and more natural it looks. Most importantly, it provides a more comfortable applying feeling for your end-users.

Secondly, it refers to the width of the weft edge. Hand tied weft is much slimmer than standard machine weft. The slimmer the weft is, the less likely it is to be exposed to the user’s own hair and the more natural it looks.

- Lighter
Unlike machine weft, which is bulky, the hand tied weft is lighter when applying to the head as there is less hair than machine weft. It provides a more comfortable experience for your end-users.
Warm tips
- Exquisite workmanship
Hand tied weft is more exquisite than machine weft, as it is definitely handled by hand. By comparison machine weft looks more stiff.
Comparing with machine weft, to prevent shedding, it is not suggested to cut the hand tied weft. This is the only limitation of hand tied weft. As it is weaved the hair together manually with cotton threads. However, if it is really required to be adjusted the length by cutting, it is suggested to remind your end-users in advance to seal both ends of the weft with glue after cutting, or, creating several knots in each side of the weft during the process..

4) Why Hand Tied Weft Is More Inclined to the High-end Market Than Machine Weft?
Undoubtedly, comparing with machine weft, hand tied weft is the higher quality products. While sourcing the top quality, maybe you are confused that why the price of hand tied weft is quite higher than machine weft. Some of the reasons for this distinction can be briefly stated.
On the one hand, it is all made by hand, the labor cost is substantially higher than machine made. On the other hand, for hair products, raw hair material is surely the major factor affecting the cost / price. To match with the exquisite workmanship, hand tied weft is usually used virgin remy braid hair, namely, the highest grade of raw hair material. While the relative requirement for raw hair material of machine weft is not so high, usually, regular remy hair or even non-remy hair is more popular in the market. It is generally known that the price of virgin remy braid hair is quite higher than regular remy or non-remy hair. Besides, it is the upgraded version of the machine weft, which makes up for the shortcomings of the machine weft. Above all, these are why the hand tied weft is more inclined to the high-end market.