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Why Human Hair Extensions Turn to Pink/Orange?
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Have you ever experienced customers complain their hair extensions turn into pink/orange?
Have you ever found that most of them just come back from their summer vocation?
Have you happened to notice most complains are about blonde hair?
You may have been concerned about how this happens. Don’t worry, there isn’t an issue with your hair extensions, and the reason why it has happened is surprisingly simple.

It’s hair color discoloration, which is a common chemical process for colored hair over weeks of washing. Below is the top 4 culprits that accelerate the process of discoloration and lead to an pink/orange tone.
--Chlorine from swimming pool water
Chlorine is used to keep swimming pool water clean. While it could strip the pigmentation, nourishing natural oil, or even cuticles of your own hair, leaving the hair discolored, dry, tangling or even broken. Hair extensions do not produce or receive sebum from the scalp, they can become particularly dry and more brittle.
--Salt watefrom the sea
Salt is a natural dehydrator, which is very harsh to hair. It strips away the moisture, nourishing natural oil and remove pigmentation from hair, which causes hair extensions discolored and extremely dry.
--Sunlight and UV rays
Sunlight and UV rays have significant impact to health of our skin to some degree, but also acts as natural hair lighter. They can lighten your hair extension faster than your own hair, cause them to become discoloration, dry, frizzy and more susceptible to breakage.
--Minerals from hard water
Hard water is water which has a higher level of alkaline/mineral content. It could leave residue on your hair. You own natural hair could absorb needed oils and nutrients from the scalp to counterbalance the minerals. However, hair extensions do not has such resources, they will get discolored, tangled, dry or even broken over repeatedly washes by this type of water.

How to avoid and correct
1) Make sure your customers are in the know about the potential damage for their hair extensions being exposed in the above elements.
2)  not recommend to wear hair extensions in the above elements. If must, tie your hair back to avoid getting it wet, wear a hat in the sun and use protection on the hair such as a UV spray.
3) Keep your hair conditioned and nourished whilst you’re away and when you return.
4) Seek professional advise before correcting the discoloration with toner or neutralizing with specific shampoos.