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Everything About Seamless Clip In Hair Extension
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The desire to look attractive is universal. Hair extensions as the favorite of fashion is the present of those who love beauty. More precisely, they're more like fashion accessories, enabling your customers to reshape their shiny look after application. However, someone doesn’t fully agree with it. Your customers may say it takes me a long time to apply, while it is not quite ideal. It is horrible that it falls off easily, damages my own hair with residues, which makes me uncomfortable. Here you are in the right place, we’d like to share the latest innovation seamless clip in hair extension in the hair extensions market, it will ravel out all of your concerns.

1) How To Make It?
Before selling to your customers, you must be curious about how it is made. Welcome to visit our factory to check and discuss the details at your convenience. If your schedule is not available at present, we would like to share the brief idea about the process. Actually, seamless clip in hair extension is distinctive to some extent that it looks like the tape in hair extension with clips. Each weft is made with a silicone base strip, thus, hair stay fine into the silicone base strip. Then the clips are sewed into the skin, which is usually imported from Korea with high quality. To have a better match, usually, the color of the clips will be selected on the basis of the hair color.

2) Why should I Pick Seamless Clip In?
It’s important to figure out why so many people like to apply the seamless clip in hair extension.
- Unique silicone base strip design
The silicone base strip firmly fastened the hair without shedding and residues. On the other hand, it makes the hair and the clip tightly combined together, so that the hair extension could not be easy to fall off.
Usually, it looks invisible and natural, just looks like to be growing from the customers’ own scalp. Since the silicone is not the common silicone, it is transparent, which can match well with your hair color.
Each piece of weft is ultra thin with the silicone base comparing with the classic type of machine or sewing weft, it could be installed closer to the hairline so that it can be hidden easily. Meanwhile, it is so comfortable that you even can not feel the existence of the weft because of the unique flat and ultra-thin silicone base design.
- Convenient to install
No tools needed for the seamless clip in hair extension when applying, your customers can apply it by themselves, instead of relying on professional stylist. It is not only easy to install and take off, but also save some time.

3) Differences With The Classic Clip In Hair Extension
We can share this topic from the base and the thickness.
Firstly, the base of regular clip in is sewing by machine or stitching with the lace fabric, while the seamless clip in is made with a silicone base strip.
Secondly, the thickness of their weft band is different. The weft band of seamless clip in is around 50% thinner than classic clip in hair extension.
So, which one will work the best for your customer? It is really a subjective matter. Before ordering, you can do sufficient investigation of your target markets and clients as well as making good evaluation between the quality and cost.