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China continue to be the export leader in human hair market?
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China has been the leading exporter of human hair extensions for many years, but there are emerging competitors in the market. For example, India has been increasing its share of the global human hair extension market, and other countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia are also becoming players which can’t be neglected in this industry in recent years.

There are several factors that may influence whether or not China will continue to be the export leader in this market. One of the key factors is cost competitiveness, as lower labor costs in other countries may make it more economical to produce hair extensions there.
However, China still has many advantages, including a well-established supply chain, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and a large pool of skilled workers. Additionally, Chinese hair extensions are often deemed as higher quality than those produced in other countries. And all these  advantages can only be gained through decades’ practice and experiences.

Given all above, it is unlikely that China’s position as the leader in the human hair market can be changed easily.